Now a member of AMA Education System

In June 2011, AMA Education System (AMAES), through AMA Properties Management, Inc., took over the assets and management of Delta Air International Aviation Academy (DAIAA) which was founded in 2001. Dr. Aguiluz V envisions this newest venture to raise and set the bar in the aviation industry, blending state-of-the-art technology with the highest standards of safety and quality in all its flight trainings and operations. DAIAA boasts of a fleet of single- and multi-engine aircraft that will soon be supplemented by additional aircraft and upgraded equipment. It is one of the very few aviation schools that owns and operates its own hangar conveniently located in Plaridel, Bulacan. The hangar also serves as the Academy’s campus where ground schooling, flight simulator trainings and flight lessons are conducted. Meanwhile, DAIAA’s sales and marketing office is strategically located at the 2nd floor, Airport Global Plaza Center, corners Seaside and Airport Roads, Tambo, ParaƱaque. This office serves as central processing hub for all CAAP- and BID- related documents of both old and new students. All inquiries from prospective students are entertained at this office.